music — USSR — 1982

Kino was one of the most important bands in USSR in 80`s and it still remains quite vital today, some 10 years after the bands singer died in a car crash. And you know what - the crash happened not far from here, in Latvia! It`s just so cool! It`s almost as if I was writing about a thing I saw with my very own eyes! On this album I found two songs that I was already familiar with - "Mom - Anarchy" is the best cut on the record for sure, having its roots in punk. I don`t really understand whether there`s some story line behind that song but it`s just cool enough that I don`t need any. Then there`s "Videli noch" which was also performed by "Zsob si zdub" - I probably have already mentioned it on my review of that bands album. As for the other songs, they aren`t bad but they do tend to get a bit monotonous, which is a chronical problem for Russian bands.
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