Sing When You`re Winning

"Take That" was one of my favourite bands when I was something like 12 years old. It`s no real wonder, of course, especially knowing that all of them apart from Robbie Williams were gay, and gay people are usually much better looking than all the rest. After the sweet quintet broke up and every one of its members found new lovers only Robbie Williams managed to start off his own career in style. This was his third album and it featured 4 hit singles, which is quite a large number. Yet out of those singles, only one is really good - that`s disco overriden "Love Supreme", the duet with Kylie Minogue "Kids" is good without really, "Rock DJ" is passable while "Let love be your energy" is useless. Then there`s 7 more songs which are about as good as "Let love..." but only more sappy. I wouldn`t buy this album if I had a chance.
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