Death of a Hero

R.O. isn`t particulary popular nowadays, I`m not really sure why. Probably because the best of his books - this one - is interesting only for the first 2/3 of it. DoaH tells the story of a guy named George that happened to be born in the late 19th century, that happened to have parents that were unluckily married and grandparents that were unluckily just as his parents were. They lived in a world of unsincerity and stupid pompous behaviour. They never said what they meant and they never really thought what they meant. George for himself was a nice guy, he had a wife he loved and a lover he loved. He thought that both of his women supported free love and had nothing against such a relationship. When he found out that words about freedom and not caring about what people think are not more than bullshit he went to war. There comes the last third of the book. It seems to me that you can`t possibly write about WW1 so that the reader wouldn`t have read the same thing by a different author. And it`s clearly the case with Oldington. Ok, he was one of the first to write but he ain`t one of the first to be read. Therefore I can say - my respect to you, but I can`t make myself love you.
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