Play Strindberg; End of a planet
book — Switzerland — 1969

My favourite Duerrenmatt! These two plays are meant not being shown to the spectators but a practice for the actors. The first one is a reworking of a play that I don`t know. Basically it`s a balaganic work about the family life, where Edward and Alice live together for 25 years for no clear reasons and have been hating each other for the same 25 years. When Kurt, a relative of theirs arrives, they first try to play a perfect couple but as a matter of fact they happen to be perfect monsters. The other one is a story about the first people of the earth, or not. It`s a story where weird things happen and where Biblical characters happen to be living in non-biblical circumstances, where you can`t really tell what Vietnam war people are fighting and what`s going on. It`s very sharp, of course, but for F.D. it goes without saying.
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