Space Oddity

Although it ain`t the first album by D.B. it`s usually considered as his first, for before it David Jones wasn`t particulary known even in UK. But everything changed with the title track of this album (he at least became a one hit wonder for some years). "Space Oddity", the weird ode about Major Tom, a guy in space, is without a doubt the best track on this album and the only one you can`t live without. Lyrically it`s nice but one thing is wrong with this record - there aren`t too many beautiful memories on this disc - after having listened to it some three-four times over the period of 30 hours I have only managed to remember "God knows I`m good" and "Memory of a festival". The longest track on the album is "Cygnet Commitee", it goes for 9,5 minutes, by the way I don`t know what Cygnet is. Containing several parts almost as a prog-rock piece it starts off quite impressively but towards the end there`s quite an unlistenable coda. There are several Bowie albums that I would prefer to this one for sure.
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