music — Australia — 1971

This is the Gibb brother at their most pretentious. If I`m not mistaken this is a concept album about Napoleon Bonaparte. I don`t really care whether I`m right or I`m wrong but that seems to be a funny and not a serious idea to me. Ok, had it been done by "The Kinks" or some other heavy weight band, but the Bee Gees for chrissake aren`t exactly what you usually call prophets! I don`t actually have a few songs from this album but if they aren`t any different (which according to what I know they aren`t) I guess I can say that this is quite a boring sappy record. The songs aren`t particulary fast paced, for Bee Gees aren`t known for their rocking sound but for them being slow and overblown romantics. "It`s just the way" is a typical Beatles rip-off, "Trafalgar" is a non-typical Beatles rip-off, "When do I" is a pretty song, not too cool, of course, but not as bad as you`d probably thing. Yeah, that`s the best track on the record for sure. I don`t really know why I bother to listen to this one.
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