Ed Wood
film — USA — 1994

This film isn`t the only meeting between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, but it`s undoubtely one of Burton`s strangest works. Edward Wood Junior is a historical person, but I didn`t know that and therefore it took some time to figure it out what`s this all about. Ed Wood is a young film writer/producer/director who wants to make it big in Hollywood. He`s a fan of Bela Lugosi - a hungarian actor who`s old and poor nowadays but who played Dracula when he was younger. So Ed makes him the star of his first few films. But all his attempts fail. He tries harder and harder yet nobody really likes his work. And you know why? Because he`s a bad writer, a bad producer, a bad actor and a shitty director. That`s probably the punchline - it`s usually considered that if you try hard you have a chance of making it, only if you believe in yourself. But it doesn`t help in the case of Ed for he ain`t got no tallent at all. That`s probably why this film failed to become a hit - people have nothing against losers that don`t achieve their goals because of somebody not allowing them to, they like losers that don`t do anything, they like even everyday losers. But a guy who believes in his work and does his best but it proves that his best is worse than anybody else`s worst - that`s not a cool character by any means. The film was quite good though, not brilliant in my book but certainly better than you`d expect.
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