Intruder in the Dust
book — USA — 1948

After having read "The Mansion" I found myself really interested in Faulkner`s work. But "Intruder in the dust" proved to be such a demanding read that I couldn`t convince myself in it being interesting. No, not that it wasn`t interesting, it was written in a style too complicated for me. And, if you want to know, I read it in my native Latvian language, not in English. The story is quite simple - a black man is blamed for shooting a white man in the back but it wasn`t him really. His only chance is that of two teenagers and an elderly woman digging the corpse from the grave and proving that it wasn`t killed by the black man`s gun. In terms of the story "Intruder" reminds me of some Mark Twain`s work (something quite like "Tom Sawyer" in style). But there`s a major difference between Twain and his follower, Faulkner. Faulkner writes in such a manner that his book doesn`t flow too simply, it`s much like some of Joyce`s or Prouste`s work - you get a very simple story done with so much reflections and in a crazy grammatical style that you can`t get the story as easy as you`d probably want to. It`s pretentious in style but it`s to twisted in the writing for me to enjoy such a book.
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