With a little help from my friends

Not a great songwriter, but a great performer, that`s who Joe Cocker is. On his debut album he`s performing prime quality material and he delivers it as only he could. You couldn`t believe from the sound of this record that Joe was a young fellow back when he done it, on the other hand you`ll most likely never believe that Cocker was ever young. His partly bald head is such an unmistakable characteristic that you can`t imagine him looking differently. His style is quite similar to that of "The Band" (actually I`m talking about the backing band and not about Cocker himself, but who cares). This record is mostly famous for having the title track on it - a great cover of the Beatles original. Then there`s "The New age of Lily", a cover of "Just Like a Woman" by Bob Dylan, a cover of "I Shall be Released" by Bob Dylan and a cover of "Feeling Alright" by I don`t know whom. It`s a very good record but I`m not in the mood discussing it right now.
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