This wasn`t one of the books I had on my A list for reading. No, Sir! I had a lot of better things to do than reading Arthur Hailey. Not that I knew anything about the author. But I was asked to read it. My girlfriend had to read it for some psychiatry course but she asked be - you do it! So I did. I was told this was supposed to be a horror book. Since I never had read a horror novel... well not never but rarely. Yet it wasn`t a horror novel really. If you ask me the genre of this book I`d say it`s a script for a suspence film, for a thriller. There`s a whole lot of different characters, including Mel Bakersfield who runs an airport, his brother - a guy who`s guiding airplanes at landing and taking off. Then there`s Mel`s wife, some foxy lawyer, a guy named Joe Patroni who can solve almost every problem, a crazy fellow named D.O. Guerrero who wants to blow up an airplane so his family would get his insurance money. Mostly it`s Guerrero who made me read this book - for he`s the only really psychic character. Many people don`t consider Hailey a real writer - I`d rather say he`s a workingman than an artist. Without a doubt this book is perfectly suited for becoming a film for it doesn`t have too much literary value but it has a lot of things going on in it. The ending was crappy as you`d expect from a book that has "bestseller" written all over it (not on my copy, of course, for it was issued in the USSR).
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