Their Satanic Majesties Request
music — UK — 1967

This album is considered either a silly excourse the Stones did in 1967 just for fun, a terrible record that doesn`t make sense, a "Sergeant Pepper`s" ripp-off, or the most underrated rock album of all time. After having been listening for it for some 3-4 hours I gotta say that this surely ain`t my favourite record from the Stones. The opening "Sing this song all together" bugs me a lot and I don`t think that the kind of psychedelic junk suits me fine. "Citadel" is much better. "She`s a rainbow" and "The lantern" are good, but I still prefer "2000 light years from home". To my book there`s a bit too much goofy experimentation on this album sometimes making it close to unlistenable and the Stones aren`t certainly known for being unaccessible as the Residents.
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