Mind Games
music — UK — 1973

I`m not quite so sure why but this is my favourite album by John Lennon. Probably because it doesn`t have any songs with the word "Yoko" for its title. Probably, because there`s a whole lot of magnificient compositions that would make me cry if I was even more of a sissy than I feel like right now. There`s the fast rocking opening "Titan Ass" which sounds as if it was written by Chuck Berry but updated for early Seventies. The next song is "Mind Games" - the most famous of songs on this album. "We`re playing those mind games together - pushing the barrier, planting the seed". It`s psychedelic, it`s very sad and it`s very beautiful. Just like a really good film. "Aisumasen (I`m Sorry)" is just a beautiful ballad. "One day (At a time)" is the perfect love song, sung by a perfect John Lennon. "Bring on the Lucie (Freeda people)" is one of Lennon`s freedom songs with a very catchy chorus. "Nutopian national anthem" is a song that goes for 6 seconds and sounds like silence. The second part of the disc isn`t quite as good as the first one, yet it has another freedom song called "Only People" which once again is undeniably catchy. The disc closes with "Meat City" - another good old fashioned hard rockin` song. And as a whole it makes one hell of a record and one of the best records by any ex-Beatle. Update: I`ll have to relisten to "Plastic Ono Band" before stating that this is the best Lennon`s album once again.
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