Mixed Bag

Wild thing - you make my heart sing! That`s the song you most probably know The Troggs for. And you`ve also heard a cover of their another song - "Love is all around" was done by "Wet Wet Wet". But none of these tracks can be found in a "Mixed Bag". No, Mr. Mister! But that doesn`t mean that you won`t find anything useful in this bag. If you happen to be a romantic person you`ll probably find something in "You can cry if you want to" which goes in the same vein as "Love is all around". "Say Darlin`" is dumb but fun. "Marbles and some gun" is a typical song for an oldies collection. So is "Little Girl". "Purple shades" is a bit better than the two songs preceeding it. "Heads or Tails" is the most likely candidate for being the best song on the record, although it is also primitive like hell. "Hip Hip Horray" is good, although dumb once again. Yet who would await anything else from some troggs?
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