Pirates of Silicon Valley

I am slowly turning into a computer nerd. Some may think that I am one already but watching films about the youth of Bill Gates surely is a sick thing. Anyhow Bill Gates isn`t really the main star of this film. It`s Steve Jobs, the man that created "Apple" we want to see. And no wonder - in comparison to the pale dorky Gates Jobs looks like a Jesus-like creature, a very complex person with its good and bad sides but certainly a Man and not a mouse. The film didn`t have a big budget and it surely didn`t have a perfect script. The actors are quite good though and I won`t even complain about the fact that the computer freaks look too much like hippies to me. The funny thing that Bill Gates is played by an actor whom I`ve only seen in "Freddy got fingered". In case you don`t know Tom Green is also connected with Bill Gates - he once swam across a lake that the wealthiest man in the world owns. Update: I found out that Anthony Michael Hall also appears in "The Breakfast Club", one of the most famous films of 1985 where he plays a dorky kid. I don`t know why anyone who doesn`t care for computers would want to see this film but I learned a lot from it. For instance, that not "Windows" wasn stolen from the Macintosh but that the Mac itself was just a copy of what people at "Xerox" were doing at the same time. Yeah, and DOS also wasn`t created by good ol` Bill and his pals but bought for 50 grand off a weirdo.
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