Unguarded Hours

This starts of as a romantic comedy with a clerk and a wannabe lawyer Norman falling in love with a girl he meets in an art gallery. After spending too much time with her he gets fired from his work and ends up living with his aunt in a small town called Selchester. His love life doesn`t go particulary well, especially after he sees the woman of his dreams performing oral sex with her sisters boyfriend. So Norman goes home very sad and falls into the hands of a weird lodger of her aunties - a bishop with a lot of titles but without a church, without a religion. Yet this strange fellow ordinates Norman as a bishop as well and so Norman decides to give it a shot and become a clergyman. He goes to a thelogical college where everyone turns out to be gay and everyone has a female nickname and sodomy is practiced everywhere. Meanwhile Norman has a relationship with his first girlfriends sister, named Cleo, she`s in love with him therefore he obviously isn`t. The father of both of the girls is a dean who doesn`t believe in god and has made a lot of money from his God-mocking books. Norman dies in the end jumping from the top of a cathedral. This clearly ain`t the funniest book I`ve read in my entire life and some of it`s parts may a bit too obscene for my taste but easy to read and a bit funny it is, why shouldn`t one like that kind of books?
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