Eden Plaza
book — Germany — 2002

Modern life is rubbish. That`s a quote by Blur I guess. But modern literature is rubbish as well. Especially if we`re talking modern German literature. Ok, maybe not all of it stinks but books like this one do for sure. It`s the story how a woman goes through several relationships one less interesting than the other. Eden Plaza is the place where she meets one of her men. This is a perfect example of an empty book, the bad thing about it is not that it`s not interesting but the fact that there`s absolutely nothing in it. It doesn`t stand out for anything. It`s just one more book. Some more cut trees is all that it can produce. I may be a little harsh on Mrs. Leupold but the only reason why one could read such a thing is trying to maintain his knowledge of German. Since it`s just what I`m doing it I can`t complain. Yet there are undoubtely zillions of better books than this one. Even the books that are worse are probably better than it - for some of them are at least interesting to read. If "Eden Plaza" would be found on a shelf I`d call it filler. If I read it all by itself it`s still filler without any stuff to be filler for.
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