Boogie Nights
film — USA — 1997

I`d been intending to see this film for quite a long time yet due to different circumstances it never happened until today. Why did I want to see it? Because I was told that it was really good. Or maybe I don`t remember correctly and I was just told to watch it without having mentioned how good or bad this film was. Basically this film is a fiction version of the same thing "Inside Deep Throat" tells about. It`s about the porn industry in 1970s-1980s. Ok, it`s not really about the industry but about several people involved in it. There`s Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg) - a guy with a big dick and little brain. There`s Rollergirl - a porn actress than never takes her roller skates off. And by saying never I mean never. Then there`s Jack Horner - a middle aged dirty movie director (quite similar to Gerard Damiano IMHO) who happens to be played by Burt Reynolds. Then there are other characters including a crazy for country music black man, a homosexual fatso named Scotty, a dude who`s wife has sex with everyone in front of everyone etc., etc. Still the story never really got me into this film, it may be crafted very professionaly, giving an insight in the industry, visually interesting, yet it still didn`t convince me that this was a great movie. To be completely honest, the best thing in this film to me was the closing titles to the sound of "A living thing" by ELO. Yeah, the ending itself was kinda sissy but that`s no Ingmar Bergman we`re talking about after all.
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