film — USA — 1999

I`d love to know why this film isn`t on the factoid yet. That`s very strange and I`d love to know why it isn`t there. I only remember that the beginning of the film was brilliant but I don`t really know why. If I remember correctly it was about the little things in life that change everything. Now some of the things are coming back to me - for instance the story of a man who wanted to commit suicide and jumped off a building but he would have been saved by a net if his father hadn`t shot at the moment at his mother missing the mother and shooting through the window. Yet it was only the introduction to the film stating how much coincidences mean. Later on we have some info on a TV show for whiz kids and a fellow who had much luck at the game but isn`t too lucky now. Then there`s another man who wants his son to be a hero at the game right now but he doesn`t care for his son only for the win. Then there`s Tom Cruise as a complete jerk who`s lying about his past all the time and whos father to whom he hasn`t spoken in ages is dying. Then there`s a fat guy working for the dying father who`s looking for this fellow. So in the end we know that there are just coincidences in this world that change everything. It would be a good point proving how all the different stories fit in together, yet there`s a problem that if you made a film about all the people I know and never showed them together before the end you`d probably get a similar effect. Still this is a very good film.
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