Donnie Brasco

I`m not a particular fan of mafia films. I don`t really know why but I never cared too much for "the family". I`m not particulary interested in people wearing striped suits and posh shoes who call each other either Tommy or Sonny. But "Donnie Brasco" is considered quite a cool mafia movie. And you can probably guess the reasons quite easily - after all it`s got Al Pacino and Johnny Depp sharing the time on screen. Yet I`m not a big fan Al either - he`s too much of a mafia films actor for me to be interested in his work. Johnny Depp is kinda cool, a bit too dreamy maybe but that`s ok. Anyhow Donnie Brasco (Depp) is an undercover cop in the lower levels of mafia where he gets befriended with Lefty (Pacino). Soon Donnie finds out that being in the mob ain`t that bad and he becomes addicted to it, thus almost destroying his own marriage. In the end he gets "rescued" by the cops and the bad guys get sentenced. It may be warm, heartfelt or whatever else but I still have little interest in what the mobsters do.

Update 2008: Watching the film the second time I found out that now I had grown to like it. Maybe this isn`t one of Depp`s best performances on screen but Pacino in the role of Lefty is brilliant and the teamwork between those two characters is great. And the script is way better than I thought it to be before. I still haven`t grown to become a major fan of mafia films but in some ways this is not just a mafia film and what it certainly has in its favour is a huge number of classic quotes with "forget about it" being the most memorable one.
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