Four Rooms
film — USA — 1995

It had been years since I last saw this film. Not that I liked it much back in say 7th grade when I did, but without any clear reason I decided to give it a try in 2005. "Four Rooms" is a film that contains 4 separate segments done by four directors and those segments are connected by happening at the same hotel and including the same bell boy. The quality of those segments differs. The first one - "The missing ingredient", directed by Allison Anders, is quite a boring story about a cavern of witches that do some silly ritual in order to rescue their goddess from a piece of stone. Yet when it turns out that one of them hasn`t brought fresh sperm the Bellboy (played by Tim Roth) enters the game. One of the witches/bitches is played by Madonna, still the whole thing is quite similar to the disastrous film "Help!" by the Beatles. The second segment is titled "The wrong man", it`s directed by Alexandre Rockwell (not that I know who this director is). Bellboy who`s name is Theodore by the way enters the wrong room and encounters a man who has tied his wife to a chair and threatens Ted with a gun. The whole thing gets kinda bizarre and a bit boring once again. Now the third part is directed by Robert Rodriguez and this time it`s much better - we have Antonio Banderas, we have naughty children consuming alcohol, the part may not be particulary elaborate but at least it`s funny and interesting to follow. The last part - "The Man from Hollywood" is directed by Quentin Tarantino and he himself is the main star of the episode. Although many claim that he isn`t too much of an actor it doesn`t bother me at all. What Quentin and a pal of his do is they play a game stolen from one of Roald Dahl`s stories - the one where you light your cigarette lighter ten times in a row or your pinkie will be cut off, and the Bellboy is asked to be the butcher. Funny. Overall: 3/4/8/8=6. Still since the film ends on a higher note than it starts I give it a bonus half a point.
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