Adelbert von Chamisso - der Preusse aus Frankreich
book — Germany — 1984

Never judge a book by its cover! And never take to read a book without inspecting what are you going to read. I have been lately wise and foreseeing enough to check whether I am not taking a book of poetry but this time this method wasn`t enough. First, Adelbert von Chamisso is basically a poet. But that`s not the main issue. I`d probably have very little problem with this book being poetry for I`d just decide not to read it then. But "The Prussian from France" is a biography. Hell, why didn`t I notice that A.von Ch. wasn`t the author but some obscure P.Lahnstein was! So I thought - why shouldn`t I read the biography of some strange writer who seems to have lived a long time ago and who I don`t know a thing about? After reading the book I know the answer. And it is: because I don`t care. So, this Adelbert was some sort of a biologist who travelled for 3 years and did some scientific work and apart from that he also wrote poetry. He was a Frenchman by blood but his family (an aristocratic one) fled from the Revolution so they ended up in Prussia. What else is there to say? Not much, that Lahnstein fellow seems to be a rabid fan of Chamisso`s and the way he describes his hero is sometimes funny but the book as a whole is probably worthy for people interested in Adelbert von Chamisso but it`s a waste of time for someone like me.
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