Canada once already appologised to the USA for Bryan Adams - it`s a fact everyone who has watched Southpark knows. But it didn`t stop me from listening to one of his supposedly better records. The disc starts off with a typical mid-eighties song "One Night Affair" which sounds like a minor song from a Dire Straits album (musically not vocally) and like a different take on "Run To You", which can also be found on this album. The album is mostly famous for having 6 hit singles on it, "Run To You" and "Summer of `69" being the most famous ones. By the way did you know that the latter is about oral sex and not about the year of "Abbey Road" after all? It`s not too surprising, considering that Bryan was 9 in 69. And he most likely didn`t do 69 in 69. Other tracks are basically just supporting songs for the highlights, and they don`t support them too good. "It`s only love", a duet with Tina Turner, is one of them. How could this fellow become such a legend if all his songs sound the same, if they`re generic and formulaic? "Heaven" is a song which he later reshaped a bit and made "Please forgive me", it also sounds a lot like "Heaven is a place on earth" (a slowed down version of that song as a matter of fact), or no... that song by Bonnie Tyler. Heck, who cares? It`s Bryan Adams after all, and not some strange Frank Zappa. Music for your school discoteque is the best purpose for music like this.
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