Beetle Juice
film — USA — 1988

This film is considered a masterpiece in goth film-making, and it`s no wonder since Tim Burton himself is the father of all goths. "Edward Scissorhands", "Corpse Bride", "Sleepy Hollow" and other films prove his perfect sense for the dark arts and dark fairytales. Therefore I expected "Beetle Juice" to be a weird kind of comedy. Yet it proved to be quite a conventional film. That`s if you don`t count the underworld, ghosts reading a book called "A Handbook for the recently deceased" and other typical goth stuff. In terms of story the film was interesting enough but I somehow think there was something done wrong about it - a great idea turned out to be quite a boring film. I don`t really know what I didn`t like about it but in the context of Burton`s better works "Beetle Juice" doesn`t shine at all. The "Betelgeuse" character itself wasn`t particulary great if you ask me. And you should ask me for it`s me who`s talking and it`s you who`s listening. I did like the goth chick though. Goths rule! I would have invited her for my birthday party if I had a chance to do that. It was Winona Ryder playing Lydia, the goth chick. Did I mention the story? I suppose not. Alec Baldwin and Gene Wilder are a perfectly normal couple that somehow dies in a car accident and returns to its house in form of ghosts. They would presumably have lived happily ever after if they hadn`t a family of yuppies moved into their house and tried to change everything around it. So the couple asks the excentric Betelgeuse for help to get rid of the living. I suppose they shouldn`t have done that.
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