Dead Man

The film starts off with quite a significant and meaningful message. "It`s preferrable not to travel with a dead man." Sadly it`s exactly the thing that the hero of this Jim Jarmusch`s film does. It was some two weeks ago when I started watching this film but since I was feeling a bit sick at the time I didn`t manage to watch it till the end. After all can you expect a person with a headache to enjoy a film that has absolutely nothing going on but a man (Johnny Depp) sitting on a train as the train goes past a countryside. I remember falling asleep during that trip. After that the film does get a bit more active yet it never reaches such a tempo that your head will spin around from the weird twists and storyline changes. Yet what can you expect from a dead man? If you happen to be travelling under the name of William Blake you don`t even have to be a poet in order to be a dead man. Especially if you meet a strange indian who likes to be called Nobody. And if you`re just a stupid white man it`s probably the best for you to make blood your poetry, especially in the wild west. The film is also special because of its soundtrack which mainly consists of crazy guitar feedback noises and occasional guitar strumming done by Neil Young. As a whole Jim Jarmusch is undoubtely a very special filmmaker but I can`t call him the master of entertainment.
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