Almost certainly "Crazy" is written by the youngest author whos book I`ve read in my entire life. Benny Lebert is 23 today but he was barely 16 when he wrote "Crazy". Just a reminder for myself - "Crazy" isn`t the English translation of the title but the title itself. The book is considered partly authobiographical (or compeletely, I don`t know for sure) and it`s no wonder. First, the hero of the book is called Benjamin Lebert and he`s sixteen years old. Second, the boy in the book has the same physical problem Lebert has himself - he can`t use his left part of the body properly do to particial paralysis. Benny is sent to a boarding school because he seems uncapable of studying at a normal school having failed to finish the 8th grade quite a few times because of being unable to master Maths. At the boarding school he befriends with a group of 5 misfits and goes through the daily troubles of being a teenager. Basically it`s a story of teenage love, teenage sex, cigarettes and alcohol, but it`s also a story of what directions life should take and a story about God. The weird thing for me remaines the personality of the author. If I weren`t sure that Lebert was 16 in reality when he wrote "Crazy" I`d say that teenagers don`t think and don`t act that way, they don`t care that much about what life is all about at 16. An another weird aspect about the book is the fact that Lebert references lots of Rock music from the 60s and the 70s, for instance, "Pink Floyd". That seems kinda weird, for who cares about that sort of stuff nowadays. In terms of style the book is quite primitive, of course, what else could one expect from a 16-year old who can`t even finish the eight grade? I probably wouldn`t call this a masterpiece, but I have to admit that this Lebert guy does have some talent in him.
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