A Wild Sheep Chase

If there is one thing in myself I particulary dislike (apart from spots on the face and my general nerdiness) it`s my perfect ability to disagree with every opinion. You just have to say "black!" and I`ll instantely reply "white!". And if you`ll say "white!" I`ll be left with no other option but to say "black!" The most typical case is following: someone highly praises some thing that I should read/watch/hear and I come to the inner conclusion that I must dislike it. Lately I`ve been trying to battle this sort of "being original" inside me but it doesn`t always work. After this introduction I must say that I was informed that "A Wild Sheep Chase" is a very good novel. Having already been acquainted with some other Murakami`s works I wasn`t particulary sure whether to believe it or not. There were some books of his I liked and others I didn`t. But this one about sheep proved to be the best one I`ve read this far. The story is about a man who seems to be an average Japanese fellow with his 30th birthday fast approaching. His wife has left him and he isn`t particulary fond of his job although it`s not bad at all. But everything changes for him when he meets a woman with ears of a perfect form. Still it`s not about the ears but about a sheep that`s using men for its goals. And the hero of the novel has to find this sheep within a month or bad things will happen. The only clue he has is a photo sent to him by a friend of his called the Rat (who I am already familiar with from some other Murakami`s early novels). In the end the story proves to be about what one can take and what he can`t and the ending is quite an emotional one. This is one of the few books with a very high "wov!" factor. I don`t know whether everyone would love it but I certainly do.
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