The Real Thing
book — UK — 1982

I certainly remember having started to read this play quite a long time ago. Especially I remember it because of an episode where Max, a successful actor, talks about his problems selecting his favourite music for a radio programme because the only thing he likes is low quality pop music. If he was a fan o "Pink Floyd" it would be okay, but he was mostly addicted to bubble-gum stuff and music of the quality of The Everly Brother. Another moment I remember is also about music - it`s when Henry, a playwright, tells how Bach has stolen from Procol Harum and can`t even get the notes right. Apart from that the novel is quite a witty story of love and betrayal, with a particulary grotesque character of Brodie who`s gone to prison for lighting fire to a war memorial and who can only think in revolutionary categories but in fact he`s acting like this only to impress Annie, Henrys wife. Since I`m a fan of Stoppard`s I probably can`t dislike this play. Or maybe I`m a fan of Stoppard`s because I like his work, I don`t know. But "The Real Thing" is a real thing in deed. I`d love to see it on stage.
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