The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
book — UK — 1950

I was a little boy when I read this book first. At that time reading in Russian was to me something similar to what reading in English is today but I managed to read the entire 7 book "Narnia" series which I got circa 1994 on Crimea. As you can probably guess I didn`t have much interest in these books after that for quite a while - and why would I. The first time I really remembered of Lewis was when the first film part of "Lord of the Rings" came out and then I thought - why wouldn`t they make a film after "Narnia" as well. Then something like year or so ago I watched a TV version of "Prince Caspian" which sucked big hairy... bears. And now when I intended to watch the first of the "Narnia" films on the big screen I thought it a good idea to reread this part of the book. As a matter of fact, todays, more than two weeks after the repeated reading I still haven`t seen the film. Maybe I will see it before 2005 ends, maybe I won`t, it still won`t change much. The book itself is a story about four children travelling through a wardrobe into a fantastic land where they have to fight the evil within themselves and a white witch. As a whole the book is too targeted for children and has a bit too much religious nonsense - it`s just like a kids bible with the crucifixion and resurrection of the lion. Although I still stay with my words that "Lord of the Rings" isn`t a book for adults, I have to admit that "Narnia" is intended for a much younger audience - its modern day equivalent would be Harry Potter. The storytelling is so preacherous that I can`t really enjoy this book. And what I hate most than all is that only because of having been written first this is also considered the first book of the series. I proudly stand as a supporter of "The Magician`s Nephew" as the first book (and it is certainly a much better written novel than the one about the wardrobe). If I had to order the books according to their quality it would probably go like this:
1. The Magician`s Nephew
2. The final battle
3. The Voyage of the Dawn Threader
4. The silver chair
5. Prince Caspian
6. Lion, Witch & Cupboard
7. Prince Caspian
Ok, I`m really sure only about the first three positions, the rest is more or less of the same quality.
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