Līdz šim mana pazīšanās ar Klaivu Sinkleiru Luisu aprobežojās ar "Nārnijas hroniku" eposu, un īstenībā es pat nezināju, ka Luisam bija arī kādi citi darbi, izņemot šo diezgan izteikto Tolkiena plaģiātu. Taču izrādās, ka Luisam ir arī otrs nopietns literārs veikums - romānu triloģija par kosmosu, kura otrā daļa arī ir šis romāns "Perelandra".
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book, 1943

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I was a little boy when I read this book first. At that time reading in Russian was to me something similar to what reading in English is today but I managed to read the entire 7 book "Narnia" series which I got circa 1994 on Crimea. As you can probably guess I didn`t have much interest in these books after that for quite a while - and why would I. The first time I really remembered of Lewis was when the first film part of "Lord of the Rings" came out and then I thought - why wouldn`t they make a film after "Narnia" as well. Then something like year or so ago I watched a TV version of "Prince Caspian" which sucked big hairy... bears. And now when I intended to watch the first of the "Narnia" films on the big screen I thought it a good idea to reread this part of the book. As a matter of fact, todays, more than two weeks after the repeated reading I still haven`t seen the film. Maybe I will see it before 2005 ends, maybe I won`t, it still won`t change much. The book itself is a story about four children travelling through a wardrobe into a fantastic land where they have to fight the evil within themselves and a white witch. As a whole the book is too targeted for children and has a bit too much religious nonsense - it`s just like a kids bible with the crucifixion and resurrection of the lion. Although I still stay with my words that "Lord of the Rings" isn`t a book for adults, I have to admit that "Narnia" is intended for a much younger audience - its modern day equivalent would be Harry Potter. The storytelling is so preacherous that I can`t really enjoy this book. And what I hate most than all is that only because of having been written first this is also considered the first book of the series. I proudly stand as a supporter of "The Magician`s Nephew" as the first book (and it is certainly a much better written novel than the one about the wardrobe). If I had to order the books according to their quality it would probably go like this:
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