A Teenager of the old days

The story is as old as the world itself. Allen, the main hero of this novel (which is written from the first persons perspective as some kind of a diary) becomes the only heir of a very big amount of land when his brother suddenly dies. Being in the age of circa 20 years and not interested in his heritage at all Allen wants to pursue a much more spiritual life than that of a rich landlord. Still he can`t escape from the immense influence his mother has over him, and he knows that one day he will marry a girl who`s just 12 now but who also will inherit lots and lots of land. His life suddenly changes when he meets a woman working at a bookstore (he`s some kind of a reading freak). Although the woman is some 10 years older than he is and much wiser they become lovers (in the spiritual form of the word) and Allen is almost ready to break free from his mother. But he fails, despite the help by the woman (who doesn`t want to become his wife knowing that because of her troubled past she will be only a burden to a man of his statue) and a six-fingered man who almost became a priest but was much closer to becoming a lost soul. When everything seems to be lost it only gets worse - Allen suddenly finds a crush in himself on the 12 year old girl after seing her bathing naked in a lake but she knowing how much he hated her before runs into the woods where she gets raped and murdered by a local farmer.
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