Der Boxer
book — Germany — 1976

When I went to my favourite "Goethe" library I took 3 books with me to read at home, like I always do. What I didn`t know then was that more than 50% of those books were written by Jews, about Jews and about Holocaust. If it were not the case I`d probably choose a subject more merry than this one. By the way, I haven`t even looked at the third book yet, so theoretically a chance exists that it`s also about Holocaust. I hope it isn`t. But to be sure I`ll check it just now. Hoorray! No Jews mentioned! Now that`s a good thing. Still "The Boxer" ain`t no half-bad book. Jurek Becker is surely one of the most interesting personalities among the German speaking writers whom I`ve discovered by going to this library. This is a story of a guy named Aron Blank who`s family hasn`t survived the holocaust, but he has. After the war he finds one of his children who happens to be also alive, although after years in a concentration camp he doesn`t know anything about anything. Still Aron manages to put his life back on the trail and to survive in the modern world. I can`t say that I liked this book because of the content, for there was little likeable in it, but Becker`s writing style is such that you just can`t dislike it. Even when writing about the most grieve subject he never ever goes overboard and stays normal - which is a rare case for subjects like the Holocaust.
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