For Certain Because
music — UK — 1966

The Hollies are virtually unknown in Latvia but it isn`t neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. Among the bands of the British invasion the Hollies don`t stand out as one with a particulary heavy sound. Oh, now, you won`t hear Graham Nash shouting that he can`t get no satisfaction. As for myself I`m not sure whether I prefer bands with a harder or with a softer sound. Probably it differs according to the mood I`m in at the moment of listening to a record. Today "The Hollies" sound perfectly adequate but I`m not raving mad for their poppy sound. "For Certain Because" is certainly my favourite of their records because there`s a lot of pretty songs on it. Examples include "What`s Wrong With The Way I Live", "Tell Me To My Face", "Stop! Stop! Stop!" But the most perfect song on here is "High Classed". It`s just so moody that I can`t find the right words to explain just how much I like it. The melody may be quite a simple one but I don`t give a damn about that. "Peculiar Situation" is a bit too sappy for my taste, although it has a nice chorus. "Ain`t this a peculiar situation? We`re lovers but we don`t make love." Another nice song is "What Went Wrong". Basically this album has amazing vocals, provided mostly by Nash, and a lot of uplifting lightweight bubblegum. "The Hollies" never made a revolution in music, they were never groundbreaking but they surely knew how to make a good album, despite being a bit too sacharine like for me (at worst they are close to "Mannfred Mann". As a matter of fact I like MM some time ago - not Manson but Mann, of course - but listening to their 60s songs is a terrible experience for my ears now).
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