film — UK — 2000

It had been... days since I last watched a film with Johnny Depp, so I had no other choice but to watch this film. Actually I watched the first half an hour some weeks ago but then I thought - no, this is the kind of film to watch together with my girlfriend and not all by myself. Only she showed little interest in watching this film together with me. So I had no other option but devoting a lonesome evening to Johnny Depp alone. Well, maybe this isn`t really a film with the highest amount of Johnny on screen ever but this is a film with Johnny Depp without a doubt. The message of the film is quite clear - what you do is what counts and not what you don`t do (for example, helping a woman to leave her abusive husband is better than fasting before Easter). The film has some perfect acting, including Juliette Binoche, Judy Dench and some other actors I`m too lazy to look up on the IMDB. Anyway, the film was beautiful, I was close to tears in the end, but I have no time to write about. Who am I to spend my days writing about films that lots and lots of better ones have praised before me. As if my opinion mattered. As if life was worth living. Probably it would be the best for me to go home and eat some chocolate. Man, do I love chocolate! And Johnny Depp.
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