Don`t Give Me Names
music — Germany — 2000

This is the music of my youth. So I will say when I`m 64. Until then I`ll say - this is the music of my last years at school. I remember how I wanted to see the Apes live for it was considered cool to listen to this kind of music. And I wasn`t a particulary cool person with a high level of popularity at school. Chicks didn`t like me, guys didn`t like me (for I`m not gay) and I was depressed all the time. Well, maybe not, but I still was some kind of a "Napoleon Dynamite" character. By saying all this I don`t mean to tell that now I`ve become a super-duper cheerleader-captain (if were are male cheerleaders) and that everybody loves Raymond. But at least I have become a mentally calmer person with less nervous breakdowns and suicide attempts (you`re free to interpret this sentence any way you like).
But let`s cut the crap and go straight for the shit. Bat shit apes that is. Did you know that guano is a very important export product for some country? I`d like to mention the name of the country but I`ve forgotten it myself.
This is the second album by this band and the one that I used to listen quite a lot in the time mentioned above in this rant. What`s weird is that I don`t remember much from this disc from those days. For instance, I`m not 100% sure about the singles from this album. "No Speech" was one. Then there was "Dodel Up" - now that`s a good one. "Big in Japan" is a cover of "Alphaville" and it`s not spectacular, just heavy. "Living in a Lie" was maybe the fourth single, at least it seems possible. On some songs the band sounds like some kind of "Limp Bizkit" and I don`t consider that a compliment. "Gogan" for instance is utter trash, so is "Heaven". As a whole the record is very monotonous, and Sandra Nasic has one huge minus in comparison with the singer from the band that did "Supersonic Speed", "Die Happy" was the name of that band - the other chick had much bigger.... vocal chords :))
"DOn`t give Me names" isn`t bad but only lost teenagers will find it a masterpiece. Well, even I didn`t find it a masterpiece back then.
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