Four Weddings and a Funeral
film — UK — 1994

This film was quite big when it came out, but I didn`t watch it back then for I was some 11 years old and I didn`t like films with the word "funeral" in the title. You see, I automatically assumed that such a film would be too depressive for my taste. And I may have been right. But now I`m not 11 anymore, actually I have doubled my age since 1994, so my preferences in a film have also changed. I don`t mind a film if it revolves around four weddings (and a funeral). I don`t mind Hugh Grant`s looks. In fact I`m not so sure anymore about the reasons for me not to like him. So, he is a sugary-sweet good-looking nice guy but why would that bother me? Will I come over as being gay for liking films with good looking actors? If that`s the case I`ll probably only watch Latvian films till the end of my days, just to be sure that no one thinks that I`m gay.
This film does indeed tell a story about weddings where Charles (Grant) meets Carrie at a wedding of some of his endless list of marrying friends. They have a one night stand but for Charles it proves to be a lot more than just a one night stand. The next time he encounters Carrie is some 3 months later at another wedding, only this time she`s already engaged to a rich and old Scottish guy. That doesn`t stop her from having an another affair with Charles though. The film doesn`t rely too much on the story but on characters and especially on dialogues. And dialogue is the favourite part (I wrote fart first by accident instead of part) of many movies for me, so I know what I like in your wardrobe (copyright by Peter Gabriel). In comparison to "Love Actually" this film (which has the script written by the director of "Love Actually") this film has both its advantages and minuses. On the positive side it doesn`t have a long and pointless romance with Colin Firth (who isn`t present in this film at all), it has another great appearance by Rowan Atkinson and it`s even more British than that other film. Still the film may seem a bit boring at some moments and it doesn`t have Billy Mack in it. Yes, you do hear "Love is all around" in this film, but what can top "Christmas is all around"? Only "I Believe in a thing called Hanukah" performed by the Darkness.
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