Whatever People Say I Am, That`s What I`m Not

This is going to be an interesting observation. In late January the arrival of "Arctic monkeys" on the scene of popular music is considered to be at least as important as that of "Oasis". I wonder where the Monkeys will be in... say 5 years. Probably they`ll be lost on a dusty shelf next to the last LP "The Monkees" ever recorded. But perhaps they`ll be bigger than U2, bigger than "The Chili Peppers", bigger than the still living "Rolling Stones". Who knows?
On one hand, I don`t like a new band to be praised too much. Ok, I have nothing against Arctic Monkeys, after all I`ve listened to their album quite a lot and I can`t say that I don`t like it. But there`s too much hype around it for my taste. I know that I don`t follow the latest trends in music closely, so there`s no wonder that I missed their first hit in late 2005.
But on the other hand I can`t be too critical as well. After all, when the Beatles arrived they hit it very big and were also praised a lot and probably most elitists hated them at the time.
To me this album with a very long title seems to be a good and energic record, I like most of the songs on it. For example, "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" is such a catchy punky song that I can listen to it over and over again. So is "Perhaps Vampires is a bit strong but...". The record is very British, the vocalist reminds me of "The streets" on some of the songs. Still I can`t really understand how and why this is million times better than "The Zutons" for instance.
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