music — UK — 2006

It may very well be the case that the record that I listened to was just a bootleg and not the official release but since the bandmembers themselves said that only little bits that the average Joe would hardly notice were added after the album got leaked on the Internet I guess the version I got will be good enough for me to cristalize an opinion about the name Def Leppard`s album of covers. The album starts with a cover of Sweet`s "Hellraiser". I`m not familiar with the original for I don`t rank Sweet among my favourite bands but it seems to be a decent AC/DC style song. "No Matter what" was originally performed by Badfinger but the Leppards make it sound like a Bryan Adams composition (and as you know Canada already apologised to America for Bryan once). "Rock on" is a David Essex song (I don`t know more about the fellow than his name) - it`s typical album filler. Next comes "Hangin` on The Telephone" from Blondie which has lost its new-wavish feeling and has become just an average dumb rocker. T-Rex`s "20th Century Boy" is good although I still prefer the cover by "Placebo" from "Velvet Goldmine". David Bowie`s "Drive-in Saturday" sounds good but is too much of a power ballad for me. I won`t go on for I`m too lazy for that but I`ll briefly mention that "Waterloo sunset" - a cover of the Kinks song is the best piece on the album yet it doesn`t come anywhere near the original. In comparison to Ozzy Osborne`s album of covers the Leppards are at least in a good form but they just don`t have the good style - their vision is very limited and most of the songs sound similar despite the diversity of the source material. Maybe it lies in the fact that the Leppards haven`t produced anything impressive since the 80s. Just like Ozzy.
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