book — Germany — 1999

The problem with German literature lies mostly in the fact that it`s rarely readable. And unknown German writers tend to be less readable than prominent authors. Take this Albig fellow, for instance. What is this book supposed to be? I read it and I can`t even say that I`ve already forgotten it. It just made absolutely no sense. Was there a story line? I`m not sure. There were two characters - Enzberg and Lolli who were sorta living together. Enzberg was a bicycle courier and he was a sicko. Lolli was a woman. That`s probably the best information about this book you can get from me. Most of the time nothing happens in this book and the only at leastly partly readable episode was a story about a man who killed a woman he loved and ate her and when she was half eaten used her for some necrophilic games. Yet even from that part the only thing that has stayed in my memory was the fact the woman`s anus didn`t taste good and the cannibal threw it away. If you ask me - I`d throw this book in an anus if I were able to find an anus big enough.
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