When I finished reading "Velo" by J-E Albig I thought: "this is the worst book I`ve read in quite a long time. I hope the next book I`ll read will help me forget it." Sadly Juergen Becker`s novel (if it is a novel) "Raender" was worse than I could have possibly imagined. You see, this is experimental literature. John Cage among writers. A book not only without a story but quite often - even without sentences. It reminds me of a time when I made a program that collected random words from a story I had written and said that the result was a story itself. Today I`m ready to admit that it was a pretentious piece of shit. Worse than dadaist experimentation - mainly because it came after the last true dadaist had died. Becker wrote his book something like 38 years ago yet I can imagine that it sounded very dated even when it was still fresh. A book where several pages are just empty, others have nonsense texts without any reason to exist - to me it`s the worst kind of crap possible. It may be some sort of high art but I can`t like a book if I`m unable to read it. Just to show how interesting this book is I`ll give here a short quote (in my own very crappy translation): "wants someone there to go once again to steal wood just as once in the golden age of wood stealing not true a swallowed hurrah with tears in the mouth formed once again something like a prayer deep from the start". Is that enough for you? It is for me for sure.
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