Zilais valis
music — Latvia — 2006

"Double Faced Eels" claim to be the most extravagant band in Latvia. Actually it`s the only thing that separates them from zillions of similar sounding bands. But since the bandmates do nothing except for bragging about their wild sex life and make a homophobic title song for the album you have no chance but to get to know them. "Zilais valis" itself isn`t a bad song by the way. But the main problem with this band is its total lack of originality - every one of their songs seems to have a stolen melody, and the supposedly funny lyrics don`t add much. They play the most simplistic and trivial riffs in the world and claim to be much more than they are in deed. "Cemme" for instance reminds me of I don`t know what but the guitar sound on it is about as fresh as a fish that has been dead for two weeks. "To take breathe" is a shitty Linkin Park meets Nickelback. "16" is a cover of a popular Latvian pop song and it`s not an improvement despite the fact that the original wasn`t even close to a masterpiece. The key point for this band probably is sounding very relaxed and unforced but without some talent you can`t achieve much (if you don`t count fame among Latvian teens). A crappy record that sometimes becomes offensive. And not because I was scared of them making fun of gay people.
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