Amerikahaus und der Tanz um die Frauen
book — Germany — 1997

F.C.Delius goes in this book to write about one of my favorite periods of history - the late 1960s. Here you get the Vietnam war, the hippies, the Beatles and the Stones and a young insecure man who is nearly a poet but fully a loser. He can take part in demonstrations and he can love and hate the States at the same time, but he doesn`t know what to do with a girl. And when he gets a chance to do it he blows it about as good as the fellow in "American Pie" did. Not an outstanding book but not bad either. Forgettable, that`s the word.
Nezinu, vai zināju, lasot šo grāmatu, ka esmu jau iepazinies ar vienu Dēliusa eseju krājumu. Droši vien, ja būtu zinājis, šī grāmata man būtu pagājusi secen un diez vai par to vajadzētu skumt.
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