book — Switzerland — 1954

I somehow didn`t like this book as much as others Frisch had written. The plot is quite strange, off course, an American man gets arrested by the Switzerlands customs police for having a false password. He claims that his name is White and that he isn`t a certain Anatol Stiller (the quiet man, if you judge strictly by the name). The book is written as White`s diary in his unsuccessful attempts to convince the police that he is a murderer who has just returned from Mexico and not the supposedly involved in spying Mr. Stiller. Still everyone who knows Stiller, including his wife seem to be convinced that White and Stiller are the same person. In the end it proves that everyone was right, although I guess Stiller in the past was even more of a bastard than the murderer White.
I don`t know why but I`ve lost the interest in writing and I don`t have too much fun from reading as well. Weird, isn`t it? It goes over me in waves - sometimes I`m very eager to document absolutely everything but right now I am not - I can`t even write about a good book, absolutely not counting that I would have enough interest in order to write about something bad.
I guess one-line comments will have to do for now, for if I write without any interest I can`t hope to write interesting.
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