Main Street

Wizzard was a band which was lead by Roy Wood - the leader of "Move" and the founder of "Electric Light Orchestra". Until today when I first listened to this record, I knew absolutely nothing about it and even now I don`t know much which is no wonder, since the sound of the band has failed to impress me much. The band`s style is a synthesis of pop/rock and jazz that sounds like it came from the era of Louis Armstrong. The opening "Main Street" has a nice little melody going on and it can be described as fresh and pleasant. The next song entitled "Saxmaniax" (not "Sex maniacs" although that`s also a good title, especially for a jazz-old time music piece) is an instrumental with a strong groove. "The Fire in His Guitar" switches away from jazz influences and sounds like it was recorded by some hard rock/prog rock performer - ranging everywhere between "King Crimson", "Led Zeppelin" and "Dream Theater". "French Perfume" is once again jazzy but it`s a bit too avantegardish for my ears (if I write avantegardish I mean that it induces pain in my ears). As a whole it is quite a solid effort, which can sound almost like everything (for example, the bonus "Ball Park Incident" sound exactly like "Slade" while the other bonus - "Carslberg Special" could have be recorded by "Renaissance").
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