Dead Poets Society
film — USA — 1989

I`m the kind of person that`s perfectly capable of falling in love with something just because of the name. For instance, if I`d ever meet a girl named Fedora Redhat I wouldn`t be likely to lose my mind because of her, but were she named Penny Lane - who knows.
And I immediately fell in love with the title of this film. "Dead Poets Society" - that`s gotta be cool. It doesn`t mean of course that I didn`t take my time and watched this film straight away after I had got it but I haven`t been watching too much movies lately so it`s no wonder that something more interesting always popped up when I was thinking of giving "Dead Poets" a chance. The film is starred by Robin Williams (who`m I used to dislike for participating in crappy comedies and whom I saw naked in "The Fisher king"), Ethan Hawke (whom I hadn`t seen in a single film prior to this one) and other even less notorious youngsters. The story is old as the world itself - a new teacher comes to a school where discipline is everything and he teaches the students to know that there`s much more in life than becoming a lawyer, a doctor or an economist. Carpe diem - that`s the main message of his teachings. But what about the dead poets society? That was an organisation Mr. Keating (not Ronan; the teacher) used to lead when he was at the same school which mostly consists of getting drunk in a cave and reading poetry out loud. That doesn`t sound like a good way to spend the night to you? If you studied at a boarding school you would probably have a different opinion. I don`t know why but this film worked perfectly for me, it was such a strong emotional boost. I know that in fact it`s just a movie for teenagers who want to be rebellious and free. Hell, I don`t care. I judge a film mostly by my own reaction towards it and not judging by what some seventy year old critic would think about it.
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