I somehow always thought that Primal Scream was a heavy metal band - something similar to "Slayer" or "Pantera". When I saw this band compared to "The Stone Roses" this morning, it got me quite surprised. So I decided to give a try to the band`s most famous album - "Screamadelica". The first song seemed to introduce me to a Britpop band that I had somehow never heard. "Movin` on up" may not be the most catchy song I`ve ever heard and it sounds as it was taken from the B side of a "Rolling Stones" record. As a matter of fact, I would have nothing against it. But when I came to the second song on the album - "Slip Inside This House" it made me regret deciding to listen to this band. What is this shit supposed to mean? Is this some of the stuff you listen to at the Hacienda while consuming purple pills? I definetely think so - this is the case of britpop meeting house music. And you know what? I don`t like house music at all! "Don`t Fight it, feel it" as you can probably guess from the title, is worse. The Beatles influence isn`t there anymore and all there is is some ugly synth patterns - a mix of house and trance I presume (for I don`t know much about either). Most of the following tracks aren`t decent rock music either - it`s just some crap for potheads of the 90s. When I hear songs like "Come Together" on the radio I usually change channels. Although "Screamadelica" is considered to be one of the most important records of 1991 (alongside "Nevermind") in its unique mix rock and dance, I can only find something for me in songs like "Damaged" or the already mentioned "Movin` on Up" where the dance influence can`t be felt at all. On other songs, for example "Higher than the sun (A dub Symphony in two parts)" I feel that I`m listening to an ugly version of "Depeche Mode" and not being a fan of the real DM I have nothing to find in a band like this one. Especially when it is performing "dub symphonies". I guess it could have been better had I listened to the metal outfit that I had mixed up with this band - "Primal Fear".
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