Stellenweise Glatteis
book — Germany — 1973

This is a very typical book on social issues. Actually in some ways it could have been written in the USSR, not that there would be some "politrucks" participating in it or anything like that - but it`s a very traditional style of book about the oppressed masses - although there`s no pathos about it (contrary to what you would expect from a soviet book). Karl Maiwald works at some sort of truck drivers factory (I didn`t really get what his work was all about - he was a truck driver at first but he wasn`t allowed to drive anymore for his health was already very poor) where he accidentally learns to know that the bosses are spying on the workers by placing microphones everywhere. So he informs the trade union and together with some pals breaks into the office and steals some of the materials on the workers so that they could present those to the people in order to believed by them. But everything doesn`t go well - the government simply sacks Karl and says - nothin happened, let`s get back to work. So the workers start a strike and eventually Karl gets his work back, yet the owners of the company still don`t apologize for what they`ve done.
A very average book - I`ve read stuff like this in tonns.
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