music — UK — 2006

I sometimes wonder how easy it is being me - I tend to have quite low expectations from most modern bands so their records aren`t likely to dissapoint me. Take "Placebo" for instance. I never cared much for them, so when "Meds" came out my reaction was quite calm. So, the possibly gay Molko character has a new record under his belt? The album starts with Molko`s cooperation with the singer of the band "The Kills" (I haven`t listened to that band much) - it`s catchy enough, alghough even I am able to recognise this as a very typical Placebo song. "Infra-Red" is another typical Placebo composition, although it`s good enough for me. One of my favourites is the third song on the album - "Drag" with its optimistic repetitive riff. "Space Monkey" on the contrary is some sort of crap, which once again reminds me of Roger Taylor`s solo work - and who would love to be compared to the drummer of Queen? "Follow the cops back home" is a REM-like composition, boring as hell but passable. "Post Blue" is much better (I don`t know why I like it but it seems to be a good song). "Because I want You" has something stolen from "Every me, every you" - funny how a band runs out of ideas and starts emulating its best. Like it`s usually the case with me I`ve once again given up going through the song list, especially considering that Placebo isn`t the most diverse band in the world. "Broken Promise" where Michael Stipe of REM assists Molko is even more boring than the rest of the record - which comes to me as absolutely no surprise, considering that I find Stipe to be one of the least interesting fellows in showbiz. To conclude: a very monotonous album, probably perfect for a "Placebo" fan, for me it seems to be just a Placebo record. I doubt that I would find any of their best works much better than this though - for it`s just not my cup of tea.
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