Blackadder Goes Forth

Finally the Blackadder clan comes to its logical end. No, Edmund doesn`t take a sword and kill the last of the McLeods, instead he spends his days next to the front lines of WW1 in the company of his trusted friends George and Baldrick. Well, maybe those friends aren`t really trusted and maybe they aren`t exactly friends either, but that`s not the point. I will be short for I am not wearing shorts: this is the best Blackadder ever. So, there`s not too much plot in here and some of the episodes are recycled - like the Bob - sex god superhero sequence. But I like the anti-war content, general Melchett is such a darling, and so is captain Darling. Then there`s Blackadders jokes about the war, about patriotism etc. I like it and I don`t care what everybody thinks.
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