Blackadder Back and Forth
film — UK — 1999

Since I just couldn`t leave the Blackadder family this way - without knowing what became with them at last I decided to watch the special programme that was made for the beginning of the new millenium. The concept is old as time - Baldrick and Blackadder travel back and forth in time to meet historical persons and to talk to them. Those include Elizabeth the first whom we already saw in season two, some silly romans, duke Wellington at the battle of Waterloo and... even Robin Hood. It`s so silly to make fun of Robin Hood. Every one and their crazy grandmother have done that. And the biggest problem about it is the fact that the humour in this film is kinda dumb. I`m happy that there`s no news that there ever will be a new Blackadder film. Yet there`s one surprising thing about this film - Colin Firth appears as good ol` William Shakespeare in it and Kate Moss plays Blackadder`s love interest.
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