Imagine a B movie and take the square root of it. Then divide it by ten and let it rest in a waste basket for a year or so. And then you`ll have this film in a nutshell. "Suckers" has to be one of the least mainstream and popular films I`ve seen in my entire life. Ok, I may have seen a lot of European crap that has less votes on the IMDb than this one but I know that they were at least popular in their native countries. "Suckers" doesn`t have much to brag about - everyone involved in this film is very far from popular (if you don`t count actors that have participated in a few episodes of some sitcoms), the video quality seems to be screaming "VHS" out loud (although this even isn`t designed to be a TV movie) and the script is hardly realistic. But it does give some insight. And insight to what? It shows the life of used car dealers and of the way they think when they trick you to spend twice as much as your car is worth. The owner of the car plaza in this film is a complete moron who knows how to take the last penny of you so that you`d end up broke one day, and he just love taking IT from the poor! The hero is a good person in his heart, of course, but he just can`t change the way things go for he really needs the money (he`s in debt to some criminals). In the end there`s a big showdown when drug dealers, car dealers and gangsters organize a great massacre of one another, but that`s no surprise in a low form film like this one. Yet some of the jokes are pretty good and this certainly is a film to learn from. Well, maybe you can`t learn much useful stuff from it, but who cares anyway - the main thing for me now is being very, very careful when I buy the next car. Although I might choose buying a car from its previous owner, for that could turn out to be a little less dangerous.
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